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Since 2013, we have continued our mission to sponsor 99 orphans every year. Will you join us?

We're young people building the agency and skills needed to

99 Orphans started with a dream. In 2013, a student activist group based out of Delaware mobilized to spread awareness about orphans around the world. The youth-led movement became determined to meet their goal of sponsoring 99 orphans, and it succeeded. We’re now known as the 99 Orphans Project, a youth-powered movement sponsoring and enriching the lives of orphans and youth.

21 Orphans sponsored this year


Let's meet our goal, together.

Start your team in
three easy steps.

Find your dream team.

It could be anyone: your friends, schoolmates, or even your neighbors!


Let your creativity flow.

Plan your project with the help of the 99 Orphans team. Want to make cake pops for orphans? Done! Want to run a Kahoot Zoom fundraiser? Awesome! It's completely up to you.


Share your story with the world.

After you finish your project, write about it or record a video and we'll publish it to this website!


Stories from the

Project Updates from DE Team

Yesterday evening, the DE orphans team had our fifth official meeting.  Together, we discussed and planned our very important upcoming events, hoping to have support from many donors, insha Allah!  On May 18th, the Islamic Society of Delaware is hosting a summer fest with games, rides, food, pony riding, and

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What the Orphans Feel

Dear EVERYONE, We, the orphans, don’t have parents. We want to spend time with our parents, but we can’t. Also we are hungry, thirsty, upset, and tired.  We are not just homeless, but we are also kids who don’t get to have love from our own parents. I hope you

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Ice Cream Social Today!

Alhamdulillah, we were able to tell lots of people at the ISD Fest yesterday about our project.  And today is totally exciting for all the members.  It’s the day of our very first ice cream social!  We’ve been planning this for weeks, ever since it became a spark of an

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Thank You for Your Help During Our Ice Cream Social

Every one of the members of the 99 Orphans Project Team agrees that today was very tiring. Each of the 20+ members had an important job to do and, thus, everyone was busy working from 4-8:30pm. Alhamdulillah, we raised $453 from the ice cream social.  Because we worked so hard to

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Sponsoring an orphan helps provide for their food, clothing, and education for 1 year.

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