Bake Sale Day!

Nearly two hours until our first bake sale, our first official event, and all the members are anxiously waiting and preparing.  For weeks, all the members have pitched in to organize and prepare for the bake sale. 

The events committee members worked to manage the food and the jobs of each member during the bake sale, forming numerous lists and spreadsheets and calling up people to request people to cook.  The gratitude committee members have worked equally hard, making many flowers and cards to give out as thank-yous to the donors at the bake sale.  The advertising committee members have contacted people in Delaware to attend our event.  The research committee members have searched online resources to find out more information about orphans around the world.

The bake sale today will have lots of exciting foods, insha Allah, in addition to football player paper crafts and new books made by students in the ZF Spring Writing Workshop.

If you don’t live in Delaware and won’t be able to attend the bake sale, don’t worry.  We’ll have live updates from the bake sale on Facebook, so keep checking to see what’s going on!

We’re all very excited for the bake sale and can’t wait for it to get started.  See you at the ZF Center!

~ Nur Iffet Kose
DE Team