5 Orphans and Counting!

Our treasurer recently announced to our group that we have $1800 (5 orphans), with a recent donation from AKWA (American Kotku Women Association) who sponsored one orphan!  We’ve been extremely grateful for the donations coming in from generous donors who care about the orphans around the world.

With our second official meeting behind us, we are looking forward to our upcoming bake sale and are making many preparations for the important day.  Events coordinator Reem has been calling up people who will cook and bake for the event and has listed the jobs of each member during the bake sale.  The gratitude committee members are working on cool thank-you gifts for all those who buy something from our bake sale.  Our technical officer Rumi is working on a flyer which will be posted soon, insha Allah.  Keep your April 30th free!

Don’t forget that some of the members are creating the script for a rap video that will come up soon!

The communications officers are still working on finding a place for our May 18th family picnic, but we hope to make our reservations soon, insha Allah.

You might also have noticed that we have a brand new domain name for the site!  Visit www.99orphans.org from now on.

Last but definitely not least comes the most exciting news of the week.  We got pictures, names, and details of 20 of the orphans we will be sponsoring insha Allah.  The technical officer and treasurer will soon arrange for you to see the pictures of the orphans, too!

Don’t forget to check out all the features of our website, including the Members page, Buy page, and Donate page!

~ Nur Kose
DE Team