A Great Beginning

Alhamdulillah, the 99 Orphans Project has seen a great beginning.  From the beginning of April, youth signed up to become members of the project, eagerly choosing roles and looking forward to raising money for orphans. 

On Friday, April 12th, the members had our first official meeting in which we discussed our goals for the project, got accustomed to our roles, and planned ideas to raise money.  There was a lot of collaboration and excitement as the 20+ members exchanged ideas and conversed about the potential of the project.

During the meeting, one of the important decisions we made was to raise money for 9 orphans in Syria and 10 orphans in each of the nine other countries ZF sponsors orphans. 

Over the week, we have accomplished a lot, alhamdulillah, starting an online email group to communicate easily and efficiently, creating this website, contacting various parks in Delaware to host our planned May 18th family picnic, writing out ideas for future events, preparing for the upcoming bake sale on April 30th, organizing our data in Google spreadsheets, and raising over $800 in less than a week!

All the members eagerly await our second official meeting tomorrow at the ZF DE Center, insha Allah.  I’m really excited to discuss with the other members what they’ve done over the week and what plans we have for the future.  Stay tuned to find out what new awesome updates we’ll have after tomorrow’s meeting, insha Allah!

~ Nur Kose