Only 20 Orphans Left!

The 99 Orphans team is happy to say that we were able to raise money for orphans during the ZF annual Delaware community iftar on Thursday.  Each of the members had certain time slots to stay at the orphan table and we all gave our presentation to the attendees of the iftar.  Although we were hoping for more, we are grateful to say that we got about $2,000 from some of the iftar guests who visited our table and generously put donations in our orphan boxes.  

It was also great to hear that one of our members was able to get $2,170 in anonymous donations.  We are really grateful to these donors and we know that the orphans are, too!  
Overall, we now have twenty orphans left to reach our goal of 99 orphans.  We hope you’ll step in to help us reach our goal this Ramadan!  Don’t forget that every good deed done during this month gets multiplied many times more on your scale of good deeds.  Have a great last-half-of-Ramadan and don’t forget to help the orphans!
~ Nur Kose
DE Team