Help from Local Muslim Restaurants

The 99 Orphan team created our second video during our meeting, and getting ready to welcome Ramadan, we decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about orphan needs for this year.  We composed an email that individuals could send to their close family and friends to support the cause.  Last year during Ramadan ZF was able to achieve the goal of raising money for 100 wells in Africa and insha Allah this Ramadan we’d like to repeat it and complete our mission to get sponsors for 99 orphans in a year.

During one of our previous meetings we had created a brochure that could be handed out to stores to give out, and that’s what we did.  After we finished the email template, a group of us went out to different Muslim-owned stores like Rohani, Philly Express, Oasis Cafe, and Country Maid.  We handed out a stack of brochures and gave a short brief about our project.  During the process, we got a generous donation from one of the store owners.

Alhamdulillah, we are on the 44th orphan and would appreciate your help in finishing the sponsorship.  We are looking forward to a blessed Ramadan filled with generous donations and happy orphans.  Let’s make this Ramadan a little bit more meaningful by giving a child a brighter future.  
~Samiyah Ali Khan
Secretary, Head of Gratitude Committee
DE Team