10 Orphans and Counting

The 99 Orphan team concluded our third official meeting yesterday with a positive attitude.  Discussing ideas for future events and analyzing the results of our recent bake sale, we excitedly prepared to continue raising money for orphans.  After a few calculations, our treasurer informed us that, alhamdulillah, we have raised a total of $6,148 so far, not counting pledges from generous donors and eager youth teams.  We have already sponsored ten orphans and need only $452 left for our eleventh orphan.  Will you catch this chance to earn reward from Allah?  Will you be the one to put a smile on the face of an orphan?  You can view options for donating on our Donate page. 

Alhamdulillah, our bake sale for our Palestinian orphans was very successful, thanks to all those who supported us.  We are grateful for everyone who cooked, brought their families to eat, spread the word about our cause, and donated.  Check out some pictures below of the great evening.

These yummy Turkish rolls were made by two 99 Orphan members. 
This mouth-watering potato and cheese dish was also made by a 99 Orphan member.
These tasty cookies were homemade by 99 Orphan members.

Doesn’t this delicious array of food just make your mouth water?

Unique Palestinian dish
Delicious cupcakes designed in the shape of the Palestinian flag.  

long lines for food

Alhamdulillah, we were able to raise over $2,000 from the bake sale, enough for more than three orphans!  May Allah reward everyone who helped to make it a success.

– Nur Kose