6 Orphans and Counting!

From the Management Committee

The 99 Orphan team members are excitedly getting into the spirit of raising money for our orphans.  Alhamdulillah, we have already raised enough for 6 of our orphans!! 

During our second official meeting of the year yesterday, we discussed our strategies and mainly planned for our bake sale on March 18th.  We are thoroughly excited to see how much we can raise for our Palestinian orphans next Tuesday, even though we are cooking for the bake sale.  (Aren’t you excited to find out what the 99 Orphan team members can come up with in the kitchen?) 

One important part of our meeting was determining days of the week for the various committees to write on the site.  A representative from each committee will report what his/her committee has been doing each week.  Follow our website to get a taste of different perspectives of what it’s like being in the orphan project.  Every committee is in charge of doing something different so you’ll see lots of variety in the coming days, insha Allah. 

Stay tuned to find out more and don’t forget to help our orphans!

– Nur Kose