The 99 Orphan Team 2014 Has Begun!

The 99 Orphan team had its first official meeting in 2014 yesterday.  Alhamdulillah, we had a successful evening of determining our roles, discussing ideas, and preparing for upcoming events.  Meet the 99 Orphans 2014 team below:

Organization Committee 
Nur Kose

Samiyah Ali Khan

Hiba Chaudhry

Events Committee

Aamir Majeed

Reem Almoraisi

Rania Almoraisi

Suehale Almoraisi

Advertising/Outreach Committee

Bilal Ahmed

Aarif Majeed
Technical Design

Video Committee

Furkan Kose

Mirac Kekik

Zaid Ahmed

Visual Arts Committee

Yusuf Kose

Yousuf Ahmed

Aarib Syed 

Gratitude Committee

Hafsah Mansoori

Reahaam Almoraisi

Laila Almoraisi


Insha Allah, you’ll be hearing updates from a representative of each team within the following week to find out what we have all been doing.  Stay tuned to find out how you can help our orphans this year.

– Nur Kose