Couples Night Out!!

On the 26th of April from 4-7 pm the 99 Orphan members want to give the parents of kids between the ages of newborn-10 year olds a break. We will have fun games, activities, and snacks for the little ones to enjoy while you and your spouse have a relaxing evening together without any stress of what your kids might be up to. Their will be adult supervision and also a CPR card holder present for the entire evening. The best part is that all this is only costs the parents $10 per child, and all proceeds will go directly to  helping orphans all around the world. In order for this to be a dream come true parents are required to register their kid/kids earlier in advance, limited number of kids are admitted. Parents are able to relax and have a great time with their spouse while their kids are left under the care of responsible young adults.

Samiyah Ali Khan