99 Orphan Members Hard at Work

The 99 Orphan team is working hard to raise money for orphans this year.  Check out some pictures of one of our meetings below:

The visual arts committee has been working hard on creating a comic book to sell for funds for orphans.  They carefully go through all the details of setting up the plot and characters and drawing cool images to go with the story.

The video committee members work hard to create our videos.  From writing the script to taping the films to editing the videos, they are involved in the process every step of the way.

The treasurer works hard to add up our funds and keep track of our progress.  He regularly gives the rest of the time reports about how we are progressing through the project and how much more we need to reach our goal.

The secretaries are hard at work and committed to making sure our team is organized.  From keeping track of the members’ volunteer hours to making sure everyone does their job, they are important members of the team.

Please remember to donate to orphans this summer!
– Nur Kose