Importance of Being a Secretary


In the month of March the 99 Orphans team started another year of helping orphans all around the world.  With new recruits we were able to give everyone a job. President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc. My job was to be secretary for the upcoming year. This is an important job because I have to track everyone’s volunteer hours, take notes during the meeting, send emails, and much more. The key to my success is a binder which holds a note/attendance sheet for every meeting we organize.

When I’m not at a meeting, Hiba another one of our members and my fellow secretary takes the attendance and notes for me. She also puts the hours into the computer where they are calculated. The job also consists of Nur, the President and I working together to come up with better solutions and activities for upcoming events. All of the members have a job or committee which they are a part of.  The members in this group are very committed and find it a joy to help the orphans.

Samiyah Ali Khan