99 Orphan Team Talking at Tarawih and Distributing Ice Cream


Ramadan is quickly coming to an end.  In a few more days, we will not have the same opportunities and blessings that we have now.  Together let’s continue to take advantage of the few days and nights we do have left.  
The 99 Orphan team will be talking during Tarawih prayers at Masjid Ibrahim (ISD) after 4 rak’ahs.  You will have the opportunity to help orphans while earning immense rewards for yourself.  As a special treat, we will be serving ice cream for everyone at masjid after 8 rak’ahs and after 20.  
Whether you generally attend Tarawih prayers or not, please bless us with your presence tonight to help our orphans and enjoy some yummy ice cream.
~ Nur Kose