On May 5th, 2017, we had a foster parent information session at the Four Point Sheraton. Nikki Lyons and Tanya Askew from Wake County Human Services came and talked to us about the process of fostering children. We did not have a lot of people join us for this event but A LOT of questions! At the beginning, two youth members opened the event. Later, Batul Fatima recited a meaningful hadith for us, ” It is a beloved deed to take care of an orphan.”
Nikki Lyons was inspired by the hadith and recorded it for future sessions. During the session, there was a slideshow stating the procedures and guidelines for becoming foster parents. A few  really important questions I heard there was, “Do we get to decide for ourselves if we can get a muslim foster child instead of any other one? If I get a foster child that is not a muslim, am I required to take them to their church, temple, or synagogue?” All of those interesting questions had VERY interesting answers! Inshallah, you will get certified within the next four to six months to become the loving parent every child needs! Jazakallahu khair,
Zeba Hussaini

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Tanya Askew and Nikki Lyons speaking during the slideshow.
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Zain, Batul, Nikki Lyons, Yusuf and Brother Murat pose for the camera.