Sponsoring Orphans

Assalam walaikum. My name is Mariam, and I joined 99 Orphans team somewhere around the middle of last year. According to some estimates, 42,000 children are orphaned per day. Especially parts of the world riddled by poverty, wars, disease, and disasters leave scores of kids without parents. Anyone who has what they don’t should recognizes our responsibility to the orphan children of the world. The 99 Orphans team does exactly that. The team is impressive, especially in how they plan and execute events, fitting as many as possible into one year. The goal is to sponsor 99 orphans each year, to raise $600 for each orphan. Sponsoring an orphan is one of the best ways to help them if adoption/fostering is not an option; child sponsorships mostly include things like food, medical care, shelter, and school fees. The school fees are very important, because getting orphans into some sort of education is important, so at the very least they should learn an art or skill in order to be self-sufficient. Sponsoring an orphan can completely transform their life, and is the most efficient way to help them.