Why I volunteer for 99 Orphans!

Assalamualykum I am Sherjeel Rashid. I have been volunteering for 99 Orphans for about 5-6 months now. In the beginning, I used to just volunteer with no meaning just to get as many hours as I could for school. This was not the right approach because in my head I would be showing up to meetings and events, not interacting with people and would be bored most of the time. My mom had to drag me to these meetings and events, then one day she had enough of me, sat me down and we talked. She told me the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said he who takes care of orphans will be very very close to me in the afterlife. Then went on to say Alhumdulilah our family is well off but many other people in the world don’t have the leisure we do. This short talk touched me, it made me think. I thought about how I would feel if I didn’t have parents, money, clothes, and even food. This left me shook. That day we had a event called the Ice cream Social where we were at the mosque setting up different stands for ice cream, sundaes, and milkshakes. I went into this event with and open mind and a full heart. When I walked in, I saw the smiles on everyones faces; people working for one goal, to make the customers happy and to raise money for the orphans. I could not help but feel joy when I saw how dedicated the parents were, and how kids of all ages were helping out. With all of this going on I made good conversation with many people and did not get bored for even a second. After this day I realized why people volunteer, seeing the joy and accomplishment in peoples faces after raising money for orphans who need books, food, shelter and clothing. Volunteering has made a huge impact on my life and how I view things, I hope it can do the same for many more people.