By: Haleema Sadiya
Why am I here?

Assalam Alaikum. There are many reasons to this: Volunteering hours, getting out of the house, helping others, getting good deeds, meeting new people. These are all reasons why I’m here but one of the main reasons is: Empathy. Helping others. Helping others doesn’t just make another person’s day get better but it also has an effect on you. You get good deeds, you get that feeling “One more good deed accomplished today”! You become a better muslim.
These are all results of empathy. If you want to know how any of this has to do with our 99 Orphans project here are a few reasons. Empathy means helping others, we take others orphans. Empathy makes another person’s day get better, we make orphans happier and healthier. Empathy puts that good mood effect on you, helping orphans does that to. Empathy makes you a better muslim and a better person, Our program does that to. These are all reasons why you should come here and: Why I’m here.

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