Orphans in NC by Hasan Khan

If a person sees a small, thin child on the side of the street, they might think “Oh my god! There is a poor hungry child on the side of the street!”, or “eh, that child is not my problem”, and then they will just walk right on.This is wrong! These orphans need our attention, especially the attention of those who are fortunate enough to have the basic necessities. According to newsobsever.com, there are more than 10,000 orphans in North Carolina. This is the same state that we are living in right now, and many people here consider orphans to be a minor issue.  This means that our duty is not done, and we have to continue to help these children in every way possible. Some ways to help these children, are to raise funds for orphans, and/or distribute food and clothing to the area that these kids are living in. We can also adopt some of the orphans, or build orphanages for these poor young children.