Squishy table!

Salam! My name is Meryem. On March 18 we had a spring fest. My friends, and I had a table, where we taught people how to make their own squishes! But before the event, we had to prepare for it.We made a huge poster, we spent a lot of time on it. I cut out 50 shapes, 25 donuts, and 25 circles. We got different colors of paints, and other supplies, such as bowls, and gloves. When we arrived there, we set up our table and made it look nice. We had a box for the tickets we got. Every squishy, was 5 tickets. So many people came and they all had so much fun. Our table was super busy throughout the whole event! We all enjoyed it so much, and I was so happy that we were able to raise $225 for the orphans!