The Government Isn’t Doing Enough to Help These Syrian Refugee Orphans

These days in the news there is a lot of press and attention gravitating towards lots of war-torn Middle Eastern countries like Syria. We see pictures of kids with dirty and ripped clothes, families with nothing to eat but scraps and leftovers, and houses destroyed by the war. Many of these families know that they don’t have a future in the country, so they flee and try to seek refuge in other countries, some countries are happy to home them and take care of them but many also shy away from the opportunity to save these peoples lives. This is not the case for kids who have lost both their parents in the war, they are lonely, homeless, and starving. America has taken in 17,000 refugee families but of those 17,000 families, only one has been an unaccompanied minor. This is a very big problem. The government makes it seem like people aren’t ready or are scared to house a refugee from a middle eastern country but is absolutely false. Countless Americans from all over the country reached out to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service begging if they could adopt or foster an orphan in need of a family from Syria. Although the US has an Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program which started after the Vietnam War, they have only accepted 13,000 minors since then and only take in 200 minors a year. This program has lots of potential because they fully support the kids they educate them and help them understand the culture, but is this really the best we can do. In conclusion all though we have the ability to fully support these refugee orphans we don’t. We are waiting on people in the government who see the pictures and videos of these kids and families suffering and aren’t using their full potential or ability to help the kids.