Giving Back

Giving Back
By Nadya Mehasanewala

Everyday, millions of lives are lost
But it’s the family and friends that pay the cost
Especially the children of those who are gone
Have to suffer the pain from dusk till dawn

But at night is the time where conditions are the worst
And they have to bear the feeling of hunger and thirst
While we’re in our homes, safe and sound
We don’t stop and think about those around

What this world is becoming is quite insane
Where everywhere we look, there is hunger and pain
But we can change this world by giving back
To those with experiences that luckily we lack

Donating $2 helps an orphan for a day
Keeping poverty and hunger for that orphan away
It’s the little things we do that make a big change
Causing people’s lives to rearrange

So donate to help an orphan out
And see what giving back is all about