What is 99 Orphans All About!

Salaams, my name is Zain and this is my second year working with the 99 orphans program. I enjoy helping make a positive impact on the community around me, so when I heard about this team and their mission, I couldn’t say no. It is statistically evident that in North Carolina, specifically Wake County, the number of orphans and foster children continue to grow at a steady pace. To help make an impact in this area, we as a team conducted numerous clothing drives in order to collect all types of clothing for foster children in Wake County. For the orphans, our team conducted numerous charitable events including tea parties and and iftaars in the past. In 2017 we were able to reach our goal of 99 sponsoring 99 orphans and we hope to accomplish the same in 2018. To get things going, our team decided to host a 99 orphans spring fest through which we would be able to gain funds to support orphans across the globe. The event would attract many muslims in the community through the great variety of food as well as the many different activities for the children. I’m very excited for the event and I believe this will help us raise enough funds for a handful of orphans. Can’t wait to see all of you guys there!