Why be a Part of the 99 Orphans Project?


My name is Furkan.  I am a 17 year old senior in high school and I have been part of the 99-orphans team since it was founded four years ago in Delaware in 2014.  There are several reasons why I have been and continue to have an active role on this team.  First of all, a critical part of my religion is to help those less fortunate than myself, namely orphans.  There are countless hadiths and ayahs about the immense rewards of helping orphans.  Secondly out of all the extracurricular and volunteering I have done in high school none have had as much of an impact as this project.  Few endeavors beat changing the life of orphans by just spending a few hours of my free time each week.  Lastly, as a Muslim American I feel I have a responsibility to paint Islam in a positive light and make a difference in my local community.  A big part of the 99 orphans project is helping foster kids right here in NC and that is definitely something I love doing.