An Orphan’s Pain

An orphan is a child who suffers great loss and sorrow. Their world has come crashing down as their parents are ripped from them in a matter of seconds. They have no family, no love, no home. Every day is filled with pain and a sense of lacking; they feel this constant void in their chest, one that affection used to fill. Not only do they have to deal with emotional strife, hunger and thirst silently peel away their life, one minute at a time. Without care from an adult, these rundown kids can’t sustain themselves. They have no money or sustenance, no hope or future, nothing to look for or forward to.

As we look at these kids and hear their stories, its hard to imagine we could ever help them overcome these towering odds. There is one simple thing any parent, teen, or child can do: donate. Every cent makes a change; donate a dollar, spread the word, and save a child.