Ramadan & Updates


Ramadan is less than 3 weeks away, 18 days to be exact. It is at this time where we should prepare ourselves for this blessed month. Usually Ramadan passes pretty quickly and its over before we know it. We should take advantage of all the blessings and rewards that are open to us during these 30 days. I learned something very interesting in a halaqa recently that I thought was worth sharing. Allah gives us three opportunities in this month to erase ALL of our previous sins. The first one is to fast the entire month with pure intentions. We shouldn’t be fasting just because all our friends are or because your parents are telling you too. You should fast purely for the sake of pleasing Allah. The second is standing in prayer during the nights of Ramadan, also known as Taraweeh. The last one is to catch the night of Laylatul Qadr in a state of worship and prayer. I believe every single Muslim, either young or old, has the ability to complete at least one of the following deeds, it only will only take a little effort. 

As a member of the 99 orphan team, I am super excited to continue planning and taking part in events that will lead to raising more money for our orphans. We have already raised enough money for 45 orphans and we are close in finishing our 46th. We are extremely close to being halfway with our goal. Inshallah this Ramadan we will raise much more money for our goal of sponsoring 99 orphans this year. Thanks so much to all of those who donated! Hopefully our group and what we do is an inspiration to everyone to do something big or small to give back to your community. Even a small donation of a dollar is immensely appreciated.

As you might already know, Zakat Foundation has officially opened a community center in NC!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. Today’s actually exactly one month from when we first opened it. Fatima and I are going to be teaching our 3rd weekly self defense class tomorrow at the center. There are also math tutoring, business sessions and many more helpful and fun activities at the center. Keep your eyes out the next few months for many more fun activities. 

These are some things that are coming up in the following weeks:

  • Art Classes in Ramadan.  Stay tuned for more details. 
  • 99 Orphan Meeting this Sunday April 29 6:30-8:00pm
  • Weekly Slime Sessions. More details will be shared soon

Thank You and Early Ramadan Mubarak!

– Huda