Making The World A Better Place
                       By: Haleema Sadiya

This is what we do at the 99 orphans team. We make the world 
a better place especially for those in need. We cook meals, we have 
fundraisers, we tutor. We go out of our way everyday to think and 
care for those in need, those who are less fortunate than us, those
 who look up to us and smile and think  “Ah another person who came
 to support our cause”. Some people think that when we help people we
 think this: “Ah now since I’m here I’ll get volunteer hours which will look
 good on my college application. After all that’s the only reason why I’m
 here”. But that’s not what we actually think. We think that from the moment
 we walk out of the door with the noble cause in our mind, determination in
 our hearts and willing to go the extra miles to help humans in need, the 
world will be a better place than when we walked in. This is what we do 
at the 99 Orphans team, and we hope you will too.