Award Ceremony


The Award Ceremony commemorating outstanding volunteers was very
motivating, with many 99 Orphans volunteers sharing stories and ayahs/surahs
from the Quran, and special guests like a Cary Council member and a
representative from Governor Roy Cooper’s administration speaking.
The speeches were all very inspiring to me. The most stirring one I heard
was Cary Council member Ken George’s speech about volunteerism, and
his time living in the Dominican Republic to help people there. I was also
inspired by all the dedicated volunteers who received the Presidential Award
to volunteer more often and become more passionate about helping people
in need. The amount of time and effort they put into helping others to earn
that was amazing. Great job to every single member of the 99 Orphans team.
Even a tiny contribution makes a lot of difference to the orphans around the
world. Keep up the awesome work!