Business Fair

Do you know about our business fair? If you really have no idea about what I’m talking about, then listen up. All the 99 Orphans youth kids split up into teams and are having a little friendly competition for Ramadan to see which group can raise the most money. Each team has to come up with different fundraising events to raise money for the orphans. And whoever puts the most effort into it and gets the most money will get a mystery prize. I’m in the ZF Falcons group. We are doing a few business fairs where we will sell slime, squishies, Eid cards, bracelets and more. Our upcoming one is on June 2nd at Cary masjid during taraweeh, and we also have one on June 13th at the ZF center during our chand fest   . So please come and join us; I guarantee you will be happy you came.