Ramadan Fun

Fun in Ramadan!


My name is Asiya Ahmed and I love helping the orphans and meeting at the ZF center. Our team is planning several fun Ramadan events this year! In Ramadan, we want to help as many orphans as possible, because it’s a blessed month and our actions are always accepted.

A couple of days ago, on Sunday, the 99 orphans team divided into different age groups: high school girls, high school boys, elementary/middle school boys & elementary/middle school girls. We came up with different team names. Ours was ZF Falcons. We took turns voting on different ideas for events in Ramadan.

One of my favorites is having a talent show, which I came up with. Our idea is that admission could be $5 and also a $10 fee to sign up. We haven’t confirmed yet, though. We’re also thinking of a science fair, a bake sale, a lemonade stand, and a business fair.
Hope you can join us this Ramadan to help more orphans than we ever have!