June 13th Eid Festival!


This is Asiya, a member of the 99 orphans project. I’m here to tell you about a fun event coming up on Wednesday, June 13th.
As we all know, Eid is coming very soon. Just a few more days! Please join us this Wednesday for takeout food, games, and lots of cool Eid related products being sold by different teams. As usual, money raised will go to the orphans.
Please note that the Ramadan 2018 challenge results can still be changed. Keep raising money and sponsoring orphans to have your team in the lead! The due date for results is Wednesday June 13th.

Bring everyone! Family, friends, teachers, and so on. Remember that non-Muslims are more than welcome to come, so they can experience this amazing event!
Also, my team (The ZF Falcons) will be holding our 3rd business fair that day. There will be products such as: yarn balls (home decor), slime, squishies, hijab pins, survival bracelets, etc. Please make sure to buy our stuff! Money goes to orphans!

Hope to see you at the Eid festival,