Bake Sale!

              If you don’t know already, my group, Zen, will be hosting a bake sale for orphans. It will take place on June 7th-9th in various mosques around taraweeh time. On June 7th, it’ll be at the Raleigh Mosque, on June 8th, it will be at the Cary Mosque, and on June 9th, it’ll be at the Apex Mosque. What better way to celebrate Ramadan than with a sweet treat? There will be brownies, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Not only can you succumb to your sweet tooth, but you’re also helping raise money for orphans around the globe. We, along with the rest of the 99 Orphans team, are raising money for ninety nine orphans to support them and their needs. By purchasing a cookie or two, you’re helping the cause. Don’t hesitate to come on over and get some baked goods on any, or all, of the days we’re hosting our bake sale!

            ~ Afzaa Rahman