Ramadan Challenge

Assalamualaikum. We have started a Ramadan challenge again this year. The Ramadan challenge is where all different ages and groups compete in a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money at the end of Ramadan. We have to brainstorm ideas to raise money the most creative way. Last year, my group (middle school girls) sold a bunch of fun stuff such as slime, squishies, and much more. Everyone enjoyed it and we raised a lot of money! We also asked our family members to donate to our team. Alhamdulliah, last year the middle school girls won. We raised around $9,000 last year and we hope to raise a lot this year, as well. Last meeting we came up with an idea to sell different types of cupcakes for the next meeting. We all had different roles and it was very fun brainstorming ways we can make our cupcakes. We will be selling them at out meeting, which is today. The flavors are: coffee cupcake, birthday cupcake, chocolate + Oreo cupcake, and marble swirl cupcake. Please come to our meeting today to support our team, Sparkles of Light. Assalamualaikum.

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