99 Orphans Project

My name is Abyan Rahman and I have been a volunteer at Zakat Foundation of America for the past several years. Each of those years, I have had the pleasure to help raise awareness and money for 99 orphans worldwide; these orphans’ primary locations are in Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and Northern Africa. Helping and supporting orphans is very important; as a hadith mentions, our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) stated that “The one who takes care of an orphan, is with me in paradise like this [He held his pointer and middle finger side by side].” With a donation of $600, an orphan across the globe can receive food, shelter, and education for a whole entire year. Alhamdulillah, with all of your help, we are making excellent progress towards our goal of supporting at least 99 orphans this year as well. There are currently over 150 volunteers helping to achieve this goal by putting in hard work towards different fundraising projects. We have been able to raise $12,600 so far, enough to provide for 21 orphans. If you would like to help create better lives for orphans and follow the sunnah of the Prophet, please donate or sign up to be a 99 Orphans volunteer today!