Make Cards for Seniors!

Assalamu alaikum! These past several months, many volunteers have spent their time and hard work making creative and artistic cards of encouragement for seniors. This project has been quite successful, and we’ve been able to put a smile on hundreds of friendly faces! However, with a higher demand of cards needed, we need your help. Please, please, please sign up to make batches of cards (sets of 10) for seniors this month; no need to be an expert, just use your creative side and whatever you have at home (markers, scrapbook paper, glitter, sequins, etc.). The possibilities are endless! I personally have had so much fun making cards; I use this as a form of stress-relief (trust me, it’s a wonderful break from constant assignments and work!) and, as an artist, I get to try out all sorts of art techniques, all while making someone’s day happier. Feel free to spread the word on social media using the digital flyer below, and get your friends and family members to join us in this project. For inspiration and guidelines for making cards, visit the guidelines document here:
To sign up to make cards and more details, visit the SignUpGenius here:
If you’d like to be a consistent member of the cardmaking group, message Sr. Nayma (315-383-2211) and/or Afzaa (919-348-6201) to be added to the WhatsApp group.

Thanks for reading,
Afzaa Rahman 🙂