Why orphan sponsorship is so important.

Over 14 million children in the world are living as orphans. Many of these children are orphans due to poverty, diseases like HIV/AIDS and separation from parents due to war or armed conflict. In 2006, it was reported that roughly 93 million children were not attending school. Orphans that live in these treacherous conditions barely have access to basic necessities like food, water and housing, much less access to education. Zakat Foundation is dedicated to assisting these orphans in obtaining their basic needs and education. The 99 Orphans project is a youth-led movement that fundraises money to sponsor the maintenance of orphanages and of individual orphans. The orphanages run by Zakat Foundation provide shelter, clothing, food, healthcare and educational opportunities. Orphans around the world still need your help, to sponsor an orphan today, visit sponsor.zakat.org/donate to make your contribution.