Father’s Day Event

Yesterday, June 20th, Zakat Foundation of America hosted a wonderful Father’s Day event to honor the fathers of our community. All the fathers’ families were also invited to join in on the fun and share some words about their fathers. Though we had to relocate the event indoors to our community center due to inclement weather, the smiles and joy did not fade away! Every father was called up to walk the red carpet, receive a gift bag (containing wonderful gift items including personalized mugs), take some photos with their families, and tell everyone about their experiences as a father. They were also given beautiful framed art and a box of delicious desserts. Of course, all of this could not have been possible without the hard work of our interns, as they put countless hours and effort to make this event as enjoyable and festive as possible (take a peek at the floral backdrop we made in the background of the photo!).

Fathers at the ZF Father’s Day event in Durham, North Carolina.