Help Us Make Cards!

When the pandemic hit, Zakat Foundation initiated a card-making project, where we created handmade, loving, thoughtful, fun, and colorful cards for seniors in senior citizen homes so they can feel connected and loved during a time where we had to physically isolate. We have constantly been expanding on this project by providing cards to 38 counties here in North Carolina, as well as to 16 other states in America. If you are interested in helping us make cards for seniors, visit our guidelines and sign up to make cards here.

We are also hoping to make cards to give along with our school supply donations for kids going back to school. These cards intend to motivate students for the upcoming new school year and wish them luck in their pursuits. If you would like to help in making these cards, please follow the guidelines in the document above (please do note that there is no signup for these cards; make as many or as little as you’d like). Please make sure to get your cards to us as soon as possible, as the beginning of the school year is coming quickly! Drop off your cards at the Zakat Foundation Community Center in Durham, NC at the following address:

5410 NC Highway 55 suite AC,
Durham, NC 27713

We can’t wait to see your wonderful creations!

If you have any questions about our card-making initiatives, please feel free to contact Nayma Kose at [email protected].