Card-making Competition

Starting September 1st and going until October 10th, Zakat Foundation is holding a fun card-making competition! For this competition, we are asking YOU to help us make positive, thoughtful cards for seniors all over the country. Winners will be chosen by judges based on creativity, uniqueness, thoughtfulness, and overall aesthetic. And, yes, there will be […]

Help Us Make Cards!

photo of cards created by ZF volunteers

When the pandemic hit, Zakat Foundation initiated a card-making project, where we created handmade, loving, thoughtful, fun, and colorful cards for seniors in senior citizen homes so they can feel connected and loved during a time where we had to physically isolate. We have constantly been expanding on this project by providing cards to 38 […]

Father’s Day Event

Yesterday, June 20th, Zakat Foundation of America hosted a wonderful Father’s Day event to honor the fathers of our community. All the fathers’ families were also invited to join in on the fun and share some words about their fathers. Though we had to relocate the event indoors to our community center due to inclement […]

The Devastating Impact of COVID on Orphans

There is no doubt that the pandemic has created a prominent shift in our lives. With numerous businesses being shut down and many people isolated from their families due to travel restrictions,  COVID-19 has certainly created a time of hardship and uncertainty for everyone. With these widespread austerities, orphans who have been homeless and without […]

“Light to a Young Life”

Below is a painting, titled “Light to a Young Life,” that I created with the hopes of spreading awareness of orphans in need. This artwork symbolizes how helping an orphan can bring light to their lives, and how our care and help can mean everything in the world to them. If you are able, please […]

Order Food to Help Orphans!

On February 26th, Zakat Foundation (ZF) will have their first fundraiser of 2021 for the 99 Orphans Project. For the past 8 years, ZF has been taking care of sponsoring orphans’ education, food, and shelter through the 99 Orphans Project. With your help, we can achieve our goal of sponsoring 99 orphans this year. You […]

Why orphan sponsorship is so important.

Over 14 million children in the world are living as orphans. Many of these children are orphans due to poverty, diseases like HIV/AIDS and separation from parents due to war or armed conflict. In 2006, it was reported that roughly 93 million children were not attending school. Orphans that live in these treacherous conditions barely […]

Make Cards for Seniors!

Assalamu alaikum! These past several months, many volunteers have spent their time and hard work making creative and artistic cards of encouragement for seniors. This project has been quite successful, and we’ve been able to put a smile on hundreds of friendly faces! However, with a higher demand of cards needed, we need your help. […]

Why Sponsor Orphans?

Imagine if one day, at a very early age, you lost your parents, your support system, your providers, your world. With one or no parents, children struggle greatly in life and face a series of financial, educational, and emotional problems. When you give, you are not only helping the child in the present, but also […]

99 Orphans Project

Salam,My name is Abyan Rahman and I have been a volunteer at Zakat Foundation of America for the past several years. Each of those years, I have had the pleasure to help raise awareness and money for 99 orphans worldwide; these orphans’ primary locations are in Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and Northern Africa. Helping and […]